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Welcome Creatives

Welcome Creatives

Hi Creatives!

Let me tell you a bit about myself and the purpose of this blog:

My name is Arnold Montes. I am 25 years old born and raised in Brooklyn, NY but currently living in Queens. I have a passion for music, art, and other fun creative hobbies that are out there. We still have embarrassing home videos of me trying to sing Cumbia songs when I was 3. Since then I've tried different things: Taught myself to play guitar, to sing, taught myself how to pop and wave and glide (turfing I believe is the closest term I can think of). Taught myself how to draw, learned photography and videography. There was some point in my life where I wanted to learn how to do card tricks... that was short lived. Anyways my reason for switching so much is just that I have A.D.D for creativity. I love everything so much I just want to try the next cool thing I see. So since I am like that I've figured: maybe I should try it all or at least know of it and maybe due to my experience and ideas I can provide some sort of help to others.

That's why I have started We The Creatives.

We live in a time where there are so many distractions. Netflix, Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat are things that consume our lives. There is nothing wrong with using them. They can be great tools and a great way to learn things or just entertain ourselves. But what happened to that time where people created things that just defeats the stress of time? Artists like Picasso and Van Gogh created things we still see till today. Could we say that about any of our work? I mean I get it.. they were on another level, but I still think we can get there if we just learned and constantly became inspired and didn't get distracted with all the distractions.

We The Creatives will be used to inspire all of you and myself. It is a safe haven when you feel sad because you can't come up with ideas. It will be a place that will encourage you. I have a lot of awesome topics to talk about so please stick around. I promise it'll be worthwhile 😀