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How To Find Your Niche and What is Stopping You From Finding It

How To Find Your Niche and What is Stopping You From Finding It

One of the hardest things, for some, is finding something one is interested in. As I mentioned I jumped around from hobby to hobby in search of  something that I liked. Why is it so hard? How do we find what we could be passionate for?

The problem stems from four things

  1. We are distracted by online entertainment  (netflix, hulu, youtube).
  2. We want to pick something that will make us rich and successful.
  3. We're lazy
  4. Fear

Let's look at the first reason



It's sooooo easy to get distracted. According to TechCrunch Netflix users collectively watched 1 billion hours of content PER WEEK in 2017. 1 BILLION. Why? Why do we prefer sitting in our comfortable couches or in our beds and watch our favorite shows while eating that chocolate ice cream or bag of chips with soda? Or if you're one of those healthy people who prefers vegetables... well you get the point.

It's because of comfort. We equate comfort to happiness. "Oh I worked really hard today I need a break". We search for comfort. Entertainment is easily accessible, comfort. Our couches are fluffy and right in our homes, comfort. Snacks are right in our fridge, comfort. Now what if we stop connecting comfort with happiness. Instead we start to think: What if knowledge gives me happiness?

That changes the way we do things entirely.

Yes in order to be passionate for something we need to have interest in it but to do something about it is entirely different. If we surround ourselves in a laxed environment we will be interested in whatever is easy. For example, I love video games. When I was a kid that's all I wanted to do. My interest in playing the guitar began when I saw John Mayer's video of Where The Light Is. That dude has some nasty guitar skills. When I saw him playing Neon I thought: "I want to learn how to do that" and even when a friend gave me my first guitar and Instructional DVD's guess what...?? They were collecting dust! Everything I needed to become a guitarist was RIGHT THERE! So what the heck happened!? It's them darn video games guys. TV. I was comfortable. But then I did something that got me punished for a WHOLE YEAR OF NO TV which included video games. Don't ask me what it was 😂. I was taken out of my comfort zone. I had nothing. I was bored. The days moved slow. My mind and body needed to do something and in a glowing light my guitar was calling out to me. I took out those DVD'S and started to learn. The more I learned, the more knowledge I consumed and the more into it I got. So in everyone's case: Punish yourself. Stay away from that TV. Cancel your Netflix Subscription. You want to find a hobby? Get it in your head that knowledge brings you happiness. Why do you think Civilizations from the past enjoyed showing off their architecture and technology? Because they showed their advanced knowledge and understanding. You won't show off but to share what you do to the rest of the world while they admire it boosts up your confidence.


"Your Craft Should Be Making You Money... If Not Forget About it"

"I want to be successful". " I want to make an impact in this world" whatever that means. "I want to be able to buy myself a house and also one for my parents". Don't we all? It has been taught that success and money go hand in hand. That is not what success is. Google defines success as:the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Money is beneficial to have. So everyone now a days goes to school, spends tons of money on education and gets a job in something they didn't even study for. The reason is because they have found an interest, have been told it doesn't make a lot of money, and they go study something that did not even interest them in the first place. They only went for it because it makes them money thus making them "Successful". Did they ever have a goal? A purpose? No. That goal or purpose was shattered by others who did the same exact thing. Give up.

Don't go after a craft or look for a hobby if you want money. Become a Broker for that or some other financial position. When you learn to love something you will keep doing it no matter what. If you want to start a business then the way you involve money changes (this will be in a future post about knowing your worth). Even then once you get money involved you risk getting stresses over something you used to love before. Do it because you enjoy it. Not for ANYTHING ELSE.


Laziness is a huge issue especially in 2018. It is a habit not a mental health issue. The habit is that you have the energy to do something but you decide you don't want to exert that energy. It can also be caused by distractions and fear (We'll go over that in a bit).  So mentally you have to prepare yourself. Where do you want to be in the future? Let that drive you. When that feeling of laziness comes up, push it aside. Get to working. If you lack "inspiration" look for it. Read my blog, or follow me on Instagram (we_the_creatives) and look at my posts hehe. Walk around. Inspiration is everywhere. The term "I have no inspiration" is laziness talking. You control your body and not the other way around.


When I was in middle school I saw Step Up 2 The Streets. My mind was blown. I wanted to learn how to dance and choreograph something. I mentioned it to my so called friends and was ridiculed by people who told me that because I'm Mexican I shouldn't learn how to dance hip hop... -___-

In High School I met someone who could turf and he told me the same thing. Fear of being made fun of stopped me from learning but one day I visited my cousin and he told me he learned how to wave through YouTube. I immediately started watching dance tutorials. I didn't let fear stop me because I learned that it has nothing to do about where you're from or who you are. I knew I was good enough so in my junior year of High School I was on a talent show. That classmate that told me I shouldn't learn because of my race was amazed at how good I got. I didn't rub it in his face because it wasn't necessary. Fear stops us from doing a lot of fun things. Whether it is the fear of failure or the fear of people making fun of us because of who we are or where we're from. The problem with that is if we allow fear to rule us we're allowing happiness to elude us. We could have improved our craft with those additional years had we not put it off. If I could go back to middle school I would have tried it. Who knows how good I could have become.  Don't let fear rule over you. Don't let other's fear project through you. A lot of those who tell you not to try because of the risk of failure are the ones who gave up and failed or just never tried. They could also be afraid that you'll be "better than them". Don't be afraid of failure either. Failure is the key to success because we learn something new every time. A guitar player for example NEEDS to fail continuously to learn to play just one chord. Every failure is a way to teach your muscles how to do it right. The same thing goes for any hobby you pursue. What you want to fear is the regret you'll have 20 years down the line when you look back wishing you would have at least tried.

So just a quick recap. Knowledge is happiness. Punish yourself and don't allow yourself to be comfortable so you don't take the easy route and get distracted. Don't pursue something just to make money. Make sure you feel like it's giving you meaning. Fight off the habit of laziness and in Nike's words: JUST DO IT. Lastly, don't allow others to instill fear in you because of who you are. Don't let failure put you down.

But wait how do you find a hobby that interests you? Read my blog as I'll talk about different ones. Maybe something will interest you.  Or when you hear, see, or touch something that interests you...

Just try it. What do you have to lose?

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below. I want your opinions. I don't know everything.